Bookcase Assembly Instructions

Step 1: Screw in Assembly Pins

We recommend completing all initial steps on top of the cardboard box as opposed to the ground.

Using your hand, screw in 22 Assembly Pins (C) into Assembly Pin Bolts (D). Once 22 Assembly Pins (C) have been installed, lay the back of the bookcase (G) onto the ground with the Assembly Pins (C) facing upwards.

Step 2: Attach Bottom Shelf to Bookcase Back

Locate the Bottom Shelf of the bookcase (I) by finding the shelf with pre-drilled holes for feet. DO NOT PUT THE FEET ON YET.

Slide Bottom Shelf (I) onto the Assembly Pins (C) and LOCK by turning the Cam Housing Screw (A) 90 degrees clockwise so that the arrow faces away from the Back of the Bookcase.

Step 3: Attach Side Panels to Bookcase Back & Bottom Shelf (E & H)

Similarly to the step above, slide each side panel into the bottom and back of the bookshelf. Make sure the Assembly Pins (C) are on the bottom and the Cam Housing Screw (A) is on the top. This will ensure your side panels are oriented the correct way.

Step 4: Attach the Bookcase Top (F)

Using the same method as before, slide the Bookcase Top (F) into the Bookcase Back (G) and Sides (E & H). Turn each Cam Housing Unit (A) clockwise so the arrow points away from the opening.

Step 5: Screw in Bookcase Feet (J)

For your last step, simply screw in Bookcase Feet (J) using Machine Screws (B).

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