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Ergonomic Plus Office Chair | Office Chair for Posture

Finish: Sea Foam Green

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Rolling Ergonomic Office Chair

Success comes in all different shapes and sizes. Your chair should too. This high-performance chair brings together a sleek aesthetic with superior functionality to support your movement throughout the day.

This is an upgraded version of our Ergonomic Chair, with a premium aluminum base and white arms.  

Commercial-grade chair at direct from the manufacturer pricing. It features eight points of adjustment and includes many ultra-premium chair controls. Multi-surface wheels allow for effortless transition from wood to carpet.

Why buy our chair? Click the link for a more in depth look at our ergonomics.

Eight Points of Ergonomic Adjustment (Watch Here!):

  • Seat height: Adjusts from 18" to 22.5" (pneumatic adjustable)
  • Seat tilt: 4 stopping point recline angles. Ergonomic tilt mechanism enables the seat cushion and back of chair to tilt at the same time (great for reclining)
  • Seat tilt tension: Encourage yourself to sit upright or relax and recline without resistance
  • Seat slide: Seat slides forward to meet the back of your legs, providing support and encouraging healthy blood flow
  • Lumbar support: Slide the lumbar support on the chair back to perfectly align your ideal posture
  • Arm rest height: 6 stop points. Designed to maximize your comfort while providing ample support for your posture and positioning throughout your workday
  • Arm rest angle: Twist the arm rests to match your arm angle for typing
  • Arm rest slide: Position the arm rests closer or farther to better support your arms while typing

Finding the Right Chair for You

Ergonomic Plus Chair Comparison

Dimensions and Materials:

  • Seat height: 18”-22.5” (pneumatic adjustable)
  • Back material: Breathable high-quality nylon mesh
  • Seat construction: Fully upholstered fabric over high-density 2.5” thick seat cushion, which evenly distributes and supports weight up to 300lbs
  • Base: Premium aluminum base
  • Wheels (Casters): Nylon multi-surface (work great on wood, tile, and thin carpet)
  • Chair Dimensions: 26”W x 22D x 37.5-42”H
  • Weight: 44lb

Discover the Best Ergonomic Office Chair for Maximum Comfort

Comfort is not a luxury but a necessity for home office desk chairs. Ergonomic chairs are essential for long hours of work and intense days of deadlines and meetings, so you can get the most out of posture-reinforcing features and cushion support. Your workspace and ergonomic office chair need to be accommodating to prevent repetitive stress injury.

If you’ve worked from home or in a typical office space over many years, you likely know and understand the frustration of strain, back pain and repetitive stress injury that’s common with a chair you got from the kitchen table. At Porvata, we know this experience of strained muscles and joints first-hand, having worked in home office spaces with the same challenges. For this reason, we set out to design office furniture to alleviate the downside of long working hours so that you can put in the time without the drawbacks of back strain and related injuries. Find your new ergonomic chair today with the help of Porvata.

Experience the Best Chair for Posture

Your posture is of utmost importance when you work daily at a desk. Ergo office chairs are a must-have for every office and an essential investment for your workspace. At Porvata, we specialize in custom-building good-posture chairs, focusing on creating the best ergonomic desk chair to support productivity.

A Focus on Ergonomics and Comfort

We understand the importance of focusing on the best desk chair for posture. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort to achieve a productive day. Your ability to perform well on the job is closely linked to your desk, chair and related equipment that you need in a typical workday.

When you settle into one of our ergonomic chairs with lumbar support, you’ll immediately feel the benefits of first-rate back support. Your desk chair is often the first point of discomfort and the cause of stress experienced by many office employees and people who work from home. You don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve the sensation of luxury and ultimate comfort from your home office.

An Eye for Good Craftsmanship and Design

The office chair is naturally the focus of your workspace comfort. Custom ergonomic design is the only way to achieve the perfect balance between back support and productivity for long working days and better results. The best ergonomic home office chair allows you to work through your day without having to take too many breaks to alleviate discomfort. Maximize your office space with the best quality in craftsmanship and ergonomic design with the help of Porvata. Make the most of an eight-hour day with modern, customized office chairs with cushion seats and exceptional back support. At Porvata, we blend the best style, color choices and ergonomics to develop a superior experience for your home office environment. Get the most out of your workspace with the best ergonomic home office chair today.