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Ergonomic Rocker | Office Stool

Finish: Sea Foam Green

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Ergonomic Office Rocker

We all need something to lean on – that's why we are bringing you Porvata's Ergonomic Rocker. The Ergonomic Rocker's 360-degree pneumatic mechanism, 10-degree tilt and broad height range allow you to mix up the way you work throughout your busy day. This isn't your average office stool chair; our ergonomic office stool pairs well with your height-adjustable table so you can choose when your legs need a break. Designed to be compact enough to compress and seamlessly fit underneath your office desk, you can store this ergonomic stool with ease for when you need some extra space in the office to walk around and keep your mind and body active. With easy assembly and a waterfall-molded seat that can support up to 250 lbs., the Ergonomic Rocker is the best ergonomic chair to promote a healthier lifestyle at the office or at home.

Movement & Adjustment:

  • Seat height: Adjusts from 16.5" to 24.5" (pneumatic adjustable)
  • Swivel: 360° swivel rotation
  • Tilt: 10° tilt capability so you can rock to your heart's content

Materials & Other Specifications:

  • Assembles in Minutes
  • Seat construction: Waterfall molded seat supports up to 250lbs
  • Base: Heavy-duty nylon base
  • Weight: 18lb

Go From Standing to Sitting with Ease with an Ergonomic Office Stool Chair

When you're working with your height-adjustable desk, it can be tempting to stay standing all day – sitting back down at your conventional office chair doesn't seem right when you've been actively engaging your body. However, standing for too long (especially an 8-hour workday) isn't ideal for anyone. The ergonomic armless office chair helps maintain the health benefits of a standing desk while giving your muscles a break and allowing you to take some pressure off your knees. Experts agree: the ideal sit-to-stand ratio for a workday is roughly 1:3. This means you should use your ergonomic stool for 15 minutes out of every hour to get the maximum health benefits of both standing and sitting. With the adjustable height capabilities of the ergonomic desk stool, you won't have to worry about adjusting your desk every time you take a break from standing. It's the easiest and most effective way to maintain a healthy lifestyle at work every day.

Encourage Active Sitting with the Porvata Ergonomic Office Stool

The Porvata ergonomic desk stool allows you to engage in what is known as active sitting to make the long days at your desk easier on your body. When you use a conventional office chair, your body is forced to slouch for extended periods of time, which over time can cause detrimental effects on your spine, back and wrists. Ergonomic stools for office use, work with your body to encourage good posture, which in turn strengthens your core and helps improve balance. When you're sitting in the Porvata Ergonomic Rocker, you're supporting your abdominal, back, shoulder and lateral muscles. It's a healthier way of sitting when you need to switch from standing to sitting and give your body a break in your workday. Your time at work shouldn't put a strain on your body. Regain your posture for a more comfortable workday with an ergonomic stool chair from Porvata.