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Ergonomic Executive Office Desk Chair

Finish: Vinyl

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Rolling Ergonomic Office Chair

Working long hours at a desk can take its toll on your body. If you're not seated in the right chair, the aches and pains from improper support can quickly add up. That's why Porvata has introduced The Ergonomic Executive Office Chair — the best executive office chair for promoting a healthy lifestyle when working from your desk. This executive office chair is designed to help you sit comfortably, maintain correct posture and minimize the adverse effects sitting down for extended periods of time can do on your body. Discover the benefits of the Ergonomic Executive Office Chair today.

With this chair, you're sure to be the most ergonomic executive in town, ready to manage whatever the world might throw at you.

Features eight points of adjustment and includes many ultra-premium chair controls. Multi-surface wheels allow for effortless transition from wood to carpet.

Why buy our chair? Click the link for a more in depth look at our ergonomics.

Eight Points of Ergonomic Adjustment (Watch Here!)

  • Seat height: Adjusts from 18" to 23" (pneumatic adjustable)
  • Seat tilt: 5 stopping point recline angles. Ergonomic tilt mechanism enables the seat cushion and back of chair to tilt at the same time (great for reclining)
  • Seat tilt tension: Encourage yourself to sit upright or relax and recline without resistance
  • Seat slide: Seat slides forward to meet the back of your legs, providing support and encouraging healthy blood flow
  • Lumbar support: Slide the lumbar support on the chair back to perfectly align your ideal posture
  • Arm rest height: 6 stop points. Designed to maximize your comfort while providing ample support for your posture and positioning throughout your workday
  • Arm rest angle: Twist the arm rests to match your arm angle for typing
  • Arm rest slide: Position the arm rests closer or farther to better support your arms while typing

Finding the Right Chair for You

Executive Chair Comparison

Dimensions and Materials:

  • Seat height: 18”-23” (pneumatic adjustable)
  • Back material: Vinyl engineered for comfort and durability
  • Seat construction: Specially textured nylon over high-density 2.25” thick seat cushion, which evenly distributes and supports weight up to 300lbs
  • Base: Premium aluminum base
  • Wheels (Casters): Nylon multi-surface (work great on wood, tile, and thin carpet)
  • Chair Dimensions: 22”W x 20”D x 39.5-44.5”H
  • Weight: 49lb

An Executive Office Chair to Promote a Healthier Work Lifestyle

At Porvata, we believe in the eight points of ergonomic adjustment to ensure your executive office chair maximizes your benefits every time you sit down. When you're sitting at your desk, you want to sit in a neutral posture to ensure you don't end up straining your body day in and day out. This means you'll want to sit with your feet flat on the floor and with your knees positioned slightly above your hips. Our executive office desk chair helps you control your posture down to the last detail to ensure you can maintain a proper, healthy posture daily. We give you control over the seat height, seat tilt, seat tilt tension, seat slide, lumbar support, armrest height, armrest angle and armrest slide of your ergonomic executive chair for an optimized position suited just for you.

Find an Executive Office Desk Chair That Will Last You Years

The ergo executive chair isn't just designed with a healthy lifestyle in mind; we've made sure to incorporate a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing finish that looks great in any home or office. The executive office chair is made with high-quality black vinyl and engineered for comfort and durability. It features a high-density 2.25" thick seat cushion covered in specially textured nylon to distribute and evenly support weight up to 300 lbs. The base is made from premium aluminum to add a sophisticated shine that compliments the black texturing. Whether you're working on carpet or wood, the nylon multi-surface wheels provide expert traction for ease of movement when necessary. For an office chair you can count on to support you, choose the Ergonomic Executive Office Chair from Porvata.