Office Desk Mount Power Strip



Use Porvata's clamp-on power strip to easily access the wire ports you need without the hassle of crawling under your desk. Our clamp-on desk power strip offers three plug options and two USB ports for maximum convenience. It's great for charging your iPhone, headphones or computer throughout your daily work schedule. Get quick access to a power source without the fuss of shuffling cords around. Designed to work anywhere on our Atlas Series, the clamp-on desktop power strip also fits on the side of our Cardinal desk, giving you endless possibilities for organizing your workspace.

Stay organized. Stay focused. Stay productive.

Get Organized With a Clamp-On Desk Power Strip Mount

At Porvata, we believe in giving you the tools you need to succeed. There's nothing more distracting than cords laying everywhere. Our pluggable clamp-on power strip lets you organize your workspace for maximum efficiency. Corral your cords in one space for a neat, clean area that lets you concentrate on the business at hand. Offering a sleek look, our clamp-on desk power strip mount blends inconspicuously with the professional look you want for your desktop. With three plugs and two USB ports, the clamp-on power strip holder provides optimal efficiency, with a location for everything you need to power.

Buy A Clamp-On Power Strip That Offers All-in-One Convenience

Plugging and unplugging cords as devices need to be charged is distracting. Porvata's versatile clamp-on desktop power strip reduces the distractions by giving you one convenient place to plug in all your devices. Best of all, the clamp-on desk power strip requires no drilling for placement. A simple turnscrew makes installation easy. It also allows for quick reorganization. You can effortlessly move your clamp-on power strip as your organizational needs change. Keep your desktop neat and professional-looking with a clamp-on power strip holder from Porvata. Purchase yours today.

Office Desk Mount Power Strip