Tired of your back aching from sitting behind a desk all day long? Let's take a look at how using a standing desk benefits your physical and mental health during the work day. Standing desks can help you overcome the challenges of working from home, and can greatly improve your productivity and motivation to work. There are numerous health benefits of a standing desk that make them worth your while. One of the worst things for your body is to stay in the same working position day in and day out. Standing desks are the perfect alternative to being stuck in one spot all day, and can completely change your work experience for the better. Here are some facts about standing desk benefits that will help you determine if they are the right fit for you.

How Do Standing Desks Work?

Before investing in a standing desk and taking advantage of the multiple standing workstation benefits, it is important that you understand how they work. A fully functional standing desk allows you to control the height of your desk. It is important to make sure the height of your standing desk reaches your elbows and that everything is adjusted properly. Make sure the desk is positioned in a way where you can keep your wrists straight and parallel to the desk's surface. This ensures that you are not putting unnecessary strain on your body. While sitting, adjust the height of your ergonomic chair to allow you to maintain good posture. Again, lift or lower the desk to meet your elbows' height.

Are Standing Desks Good For You?

The short answer to this question is yes, provided you use them! It has been found that there are various standing desk benefits that can greatly improve your work-from-home environment. Because our bodies are built to move, it is unnatural to be sitting still at your desk all day long. While devices like the Apple Watch try to remind you to stand hourly, you may feel that work is preventing you from doing this. Standing desks are an easy solution to this problem, as they allow you to be more active while you work while maintaining full use of your space. Even alternating between sitting and standing at your workstation can greatly improve your work ethic and personal health.

Physical Health Benefits of a Standing Desk

What are the benefits of a standing desk? Beyond being good for you mentally, standing desks have various health benefits that make them worth your while. Standing desks can help lower your risk for obesity, heart disease, and neck pain, as well as take pressure off of your back.

Sitting too much increases health risks, and using a standing desk is a simple way to keep your body active. You burn more calories by using a standing desk, and your body feel better overall, both in the short and long term. Sitting with poor posture can also contribute to a myriad of health issues, including but not limited to misalignment of the spine and knees, arthritis, fatigue, poor circulation, jaw pain, headaches and shoulder and back pain. Chiropractors in our hometown of Cincinnati, OH, reported seeing a dramatic increase in patient visits over the last 18 months as more people transitioned to home office work without a proper ergonomic home office setup.

Mental Health Benefits of a Standing Desk

Aside from greatly improving your physical health, there are also standing desk benefits for your psychological well being. Standing desks have been proven to help improve your mood, increase your brain’s performance, activate psychological power, improve your creativity, and help you in stress management.

Excessive sitting can contribute to depression and anxiety, and studies have shown that the benefits of a standing desk contribute to feeling less stress during the work day. Workers using standing desks typically have a faster mental processing time than those who do not use a standing desk. Productivity is higher when using a standing desk, making the benefits of standing desks even better.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Standing Desk

If you decide to invest in a standing desk to help you stay active and healthy, you should be aware of the best ways to use your standing desk.

There are certain ways to use a sit-stand desk to maximize its benefits. First, you should alternate between sitting and standing. The action of getting up and down helps keep your body moving. It is recommended that you alternate every 30 minutes to keep yourself active. If you can’t stand for that long when you first get your standing desk, that’s OK! Work up to that amount of time over a period of weeks, just like you would for a long run.

It is important to watch your posture when using your standing desk, and to stand up straight when you are not sitting down. When sitting, keep your knees at a 90 degree angle to help improve your health. One of the best ways to ensure this happens consistently is to buy a standing desk that has a controller with presets, so it hits your proper sitting and standing heights consistently.

Reap the Benefits of a Standing Desk From Porvata

Standing desks are proven to be beneficial for all of your work-related needs. It is important that you invest in a standing desk to help keep yourself healthy. Shopping for the right standing desk is important, and you should be certain that the desk you are purchasing is the right one for you. Our collection of standing desks offers a wide variety of choices for you to go through, and is sure to have a desk that is the perfect fit. Porvata cares about your health and work experience, and the collection of standing desks offered are sure to help you go through your work day in a happier and healthier way.

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August 20, 2021