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EVERYTHING IN STOCK | Ships in 3-4 Business Days
EVERYTHING IN STOCK | Ships in 3-4 Business Days

Ergonomic Home Office Chairs

We've designed the perfect ergonomic office chairs with the comfort and features of high-end commercial brands, but aesthetics and prices suited for your home office. Our ergonomic chairs for home use come in multiple styles and sizes, like this ergonomic desk chair for the perfect fit.

Our high-end office chairs feature adjustable seats, armrests, lumbar support and height so you can avoid straining while you work. The rugged multi-surface wheels work on virtually any flooring and don't require special floor mats in most instances. If you prefer a more streamlined solution, we also offer an ergonomic office stool. Browse our style and color options below and upgrade your home office with a new ergonomically correct chair today.

Why are Porvata chairs ergonomic? Click the link for a more in depth look at the differences of a Porvata chair versus a chair from the store.

  • ergonomic desk stool stone grey
    ergonomic desk stool lime green

    Ergonomic Rocker | Office Stool


    Ergonomic Office Rocker We all need something to lean on – that's why we are bringing you Porvata's Ergonomic Rocker. The Ergonomic Rocker's 360-de...

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  • work from home desk chair rustic red
    work from home desk chair linen white

    Task Chair | Adjustable Office Desk Chair

    from $329.00

    Rolling Ergonomic Office Chair Breathable, lightweight, and supportive, the Task Chair is the perfect solution for your home office.  This is a com...

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  • Ergonomic chairs smoke
    Ergonomic chairs bengal

    Ergonomic Chair | Office Chair for Long Hours


    Rolling Ergonomic Office Chair This is a seriously ergonomic chair. Underneath the beautiful hour-glass frame sit all of the features and performan...

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  • work from home desk chair sky blue with lumbar support
    work from home desk chair smoke grey with lumbar support

    Hybrid Work Office Chair


    Premium All-Work Ergonomic Office Chair Some online office chairs don't seem to be designed practically. Our Hybrid Work Office Chair is just the ...

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  • comfortable ergonomic office chair vinyl black

    Ergonomic Executive Office Desk Chair


    Rolling Ergonomic Office Chair Working long hours at a desk can take its toll on your body. If you're not seated in the right chair, the aches and ...

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  • work from home desk chair vinyl black highback chair

    Executive Highback Chair


    Rolling Ergonomic Office Chair No matter your job title, at home you are a CEO. The Executive Highback Chair, complete with a premium aluminum base...

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An Adjustable Ergonomic Office Desk Chair That Lasts

If you are working from home, you probably realize that the best office chair for work from home isn't a kitchen chair. But you shouldn't have to go into the office to work in comfort. Our goal is to provide the same quality and durability that you find in plush office chairs in our ergonomic chairs for home use. Our manufacturing team spent decades refurbishing commercial office chairs and realized that premium features don't need to come with a hefty price tag. You can achieve office-quality comfort at a price you can afford, thanks to our selection of ergonomic office chairs and work from home furniture that comes straight to you from our manufacturing facility.

High-End Office Chairs for Less at Porvata

It's time to upgrade your space with a comfortable work from home desk chair that helps you focus and get the job done. Our ergonomic office chairs offer high-end features at affordable prices. Bring the comfort of the office home with an adjustable ergonomic chair that fits your home office table desk, and your lifestyle from Porvata.

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