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EVERYTHING IN STOCK | Ships in 3-4 Business Days
EVERYTHING IN STOCK | Ships in 3-4 Business Days

Standing Desks for Your Home Office

Why struggle with an aching back when you can reap the benefits of a home standing desk? Discover how a stand up desk can improve your comfort and productivity. Our sit stand desk collection is made to fit perfectly in your home. You can shop our standard sizes or customize your workstation setup to maximize your space. Creating a custom standing desk is easy — our team makes sure that creating your ideal standing computer desk is hassle-free.

A standing office desk gives you the benefit of a small footprint while ensuring that you have ample room for your computer equipment. Sturdy construction results in an exceptionally stable electric motorized sit stand desk that outclasses anything on the market — at an affordable price. These stylish stand up office desks are built to last and are backed by a ten-year limited warranty so you can shop with confidence.

Whether you are shopping for a 54 inch standing desk or a 60 inch standing desk, browse our collection of adjustable standing desks and you'll find a solution that is perfect for your home or office workplace.

  • Essence 48" Height Adjustable Desk


    Adjustable Standing Desk Reinvent your office with the basics from Porvata! Perfect for any apartment or small condo, the Essence series is a motor...

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  • Atlas Custom Built Standing Computer Desk


    Create Your Own Atlas Custom Computer Desk Treat your office to a professional, yet personal, desk by specializing and ordering your own Atlas cus...

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  • Atlas 48" Motorized Height Adjustable Standing Desk


    Adjustable Standing Desk Reinvent your office with the compact Atlas 48 inch adjustable standing desk. This commercial-grade motorized standing de...

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  • Atlas 54" Electric & Adjustable Stand Up Computer Desk


    Premium 54 Inch Stand Up Computer Desk If you're looking for a well-designed stand up computer desk that will feel comfortable in your home or off...

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  • Atlas 60” Adjustable Home Office Desk


    60 Inch Adjustable Office Desk Turn your workspace into your own personal oasis with the Atlas 60 inch adjustable office desk. Equipped with a qui...

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  • Atlas 72” Automatic & Adjustable Power Standing Desk


    Premium 72 Inch Sit/Stand Desk When your office is in need of a morale boost, raise your spirits by ordering a new Atlas 72 inch motorized sit/sta...

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  • Butcher Block 72” Motorized Standing Desk


    72 Inch Adjustable Office Desk Turn your workspace into your own personal oasis with the Butcher Block 72 inch desktop on our Atlas adjustable of...

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Made-to-Order Sit Stand Desks for Home Offices

The Atlas stand up desk for home offices comes in a multitude of finishes, so you can choose a color that compliments your personality. From bold Midnight to soothing Beachwood, the smooth laminate finishes reflect your design style and look great in your home. We offer standard sizes, or you can order a standing office desk that is made to your unique specifications. Wrangling cords is easy thanks to built-in wire routing holes with grommets and optional clamp-mounted power management. Whether you need a small-scale desk that fits in your den or a large office desk that can handle multiple monitors, we can help you find stand up office desks that are perfect for your workspace and lifestyle.

Work Smarter With a Standing Workstation Desk

If you don't have the proper setup, working from home can be a real challenge. A dedicated workspace helps you stay focused and organized. Because everyone's needs are different, an ergonomic task chair paired with a personalized sit stand desk can improve productivity in the space you have available. The dual-motor control panel allows for easy adjustments, so you can alter the height as needed for maximum comfort. Upgrade your office space with a work from home standing desk today!

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