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The Best Office Furniture for Small Spaces

The Best Office Furniture for Small Spaces

An office is your place to work — and if you're new to working from home, or you're looking to remodel, your house or apartment might not be equipped with a lot of space for a dedicated home office. Furniture for small spaces isn't always easy to come by, and even if you do find the right set, you may not know where to put it. Luckily, there are a lot of excellent small-space home office design ideas trending at the moment, making your life a little bit easier. We're here to offer some advice and show you our picks for the best small home office furniture so you can create a cozy, stylish, and simple place to work.

Why Do You Need a Home Office in a Small Space?

Even if you're working from home full-time now, you might be wondering why you need a dedicated small home office with furniture when there's a perfectly good kitchen counter, living room couch or bed on which you can work without taking up valuable space. The truth is that there are many benefits to having an “assigned”home office, regardless of its size.

So, What Is An Ergonomic Chair Exactly?

In a personal sense, an ergonomic chair is one that has been designed just for you. Whatever provides you with the most comfort while providing good lower back support will assist you with completing your work efficiently (since you’ll spend less time finding that single comfortable position). That could mean anything, including headrests, reclining functions, adjustable height, back support, proper cushioning and all things in-between. An ergonomic chair is a problem-solver. It looks at the problems being asked by the work you intend to perform and tries to eliminate unwanted variables. Increasing comfort and safety while promoting good posture are three of the most important elements of good, ergonomic office chair design.

  1. Increased Productivity — Having a space to call your "office" will keep you from getting distracted while you work, whether it be from dishes, the crazy co-workers you call your kids or piles of laundry.
  2. More Comfortable — Sure, your couch and bed are great for laying around and relaxing, but if you're trying to type, they're actually rather uncomfortable; having a workspace with small home office furniture sets you up for comfort and success, allowing you to have an ergonomic chair and desk that are well-suited to your needs.
  3. Dedicated Workspace — You'll never have to wonder where you can work that's free from distraction and optimized to your needs; plus, any loved ones or roommates living with you will know that when you're in your office, you're working.
  4. Stepping Away from Work - Without a dedicated home office, it becomes increasingly challenging to separate your working hours from your non-working hours. In order to avoid burnout and create mental separation for yourself, a home office of any kind creates physical separation in your house by dedicating a space specifically for working.

Where Can You Create a Small-Space Home Office?

You might have more options for a small-space home office than you think. While the obvious choice would be an extra room, smaller houses and apartments don't always have that luxury. Luckily, there are other ways to give yourself the dedicated workspace oasis you need.

  • "Cloffice" — A so-called "cloffice" is a closet in which you've installed a small home office. Desks and chairs obviously need to be on the smaller side to fit properly, but if you utilize shelving and wall space efficiently, there's often enough room. Plus, once the door (or curtain) is closed, you won't be thinking about work anymore.
  • Unused or Oddly Shaped Spaces — A lot of people have that awkward corner or nook where nothing really fits. Chances are, you could convert that weird little space into an office pretty easily with the right small home office furniture and storage. You can even go "full Harry Potter" and create a cozy little office under your staircase if you have one.
  • A "Zone" of a Room — While working at the counter or on the couch might not be productive, that doesn't mean the kitchen and living room (or any other room for that matter) are totally off-limits. You can create a specified "zone" in a room that's defined as your office. Going along the back of the couch is a popular option, but you can also use stylish diving curtains or a bookshelf for privacy.

Top 5 Picks for Small Home Office Furniture

The following are our top picks for the best office furniture for small spaces. Check these out to get a head start on building your small-space home office oasis.

1. Essence 48" Height Adjustable Home Office Desk for Small Spaces

If you're working with tight dimensions, being able to customize your own desk is incredibly helpful — especially if it has an adjustable height that allows you to stand. The Essence 48" Height Adjustable Desk has all of this in a gorgeous, minimalist design. Simply put, it's one of the best small home office desks on the market, and it can be customized to fit spaces smaller than 48x24 if you simply reach out to Porvata.

2. Cardinal 42-Inch Ergonomic Home Office Desk for Small Spaces

While it's not adjustable, the Cardinal 42-inch model is an ergonomic home office desk for small spaces that's designed to fit almost anywhere. That said, it has plenty of room for a laptop, monitor and other desk accessories.

3. Ergonomic Office Rocker

Don't assume that your small-space home office needs a traditional chair. An ergonomic rocker stool is a great piece of office furniture for small spaces, especially for folks who plan to work at a sit-stand desk. Easily stored away and incredibly stylish, this stool even lets you rock to stay active and productive.

4. Task Chair

If you do want to have a traditional desk chair, the Task Chair is an amazing choice. It's ergonomically designed, adjustable and comfortable, featuring everything you need in a sleek, clean design.

5. Pedestal Rolling Storage Unit

Proper storage is crucial in a small-space home office — it keeps you organized and minimizes clutter, helping you keep things tight and contained. However, if you're working with limited space, you need mobile storage that can go wherever you need it to go. The Pedestal Rolling Storage Unit is perfect, giving you enough room to store your documents and accessories without taking up much space.

When You Need Office Furniture for Small Spaces, Porvata Has Your Back

For all sorts of small home office furniture, you can count on Porvata. We're dedicated to bringing you the best in modern, ergonomic office furniture for small spaces and more. We believe that working at home should be a luxury for everyone. From chairs to standing desks for your home office, shop Porvata today.

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