Download Ergonomic Chair Assembly Instructions

Ergonomic Chair Assembly Instructions

Step 1: Attach Armrests and Seat Back

We recommend completing all initial steps on top of the cardboard box as opposed to the ground.

Orient the seat cushion so that the notch in the chair base is closest to you (see below). Using the Armrest Screws (B), attach armrests to seat cushion. With the same orientation as before, attach armrest "R" (see bottom of armrest) to the builder's left, and armrest "L" (see bottom of armrest) to builder's right. 

Ergonomic Chair Assembly Instructions - Chair Orientation


Step 2: Attach the Mechanism to Seat Cushion

Using the Mechanism Screws (C) attach the metal mechanism to the bottom of the seat cushion. Make sure the three screw holes on your mechanism are lined up with the notch in the seat cushion.

Using Backrest Screws (A), attach seat back to the mechanism. 

Ergonomic Chair Assembly - Chair Mechanism

Step 3: Attach Wheels to Base

Slide the wheels (multi-surface casters) into the base. You should feel them click into place.

Next, slide the gas spring (pneumonic cylinder) firmly into the base.

Step 4: Place Seat onto Gas Spring

Place the seat cushion, mechanism, and back, onto the gas spring. Once you have completed this, apply pressure to the top of your seat with your hands or by sitting in the chair.

Note: Once you have locked your cylinder into place, it cannot be removed.

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