Want to understand how the levers on your Ergonomic Chair improve your seating experience? Watch our short instructional video below.

Tilt Lock:

Pull out the lever on the right side of your chair to unlock the tilting mechanism. Our Ergonomic chair is equipped with a Synchro-Tilt mechanism that locks in four different positions so you can feel flexible to work how you want throughout the day.

Height Adjustment:

Using the same lever as above, adjust the height of your chair. For optimal ergonomic seating, ensure your elbow rests between a 70 degree angle and a 135 degree angle.

Seat Slider:

Tap the lever of the right side of your chair to use the seat slider. The seat is properly positioned when you can fit between two and four fingers between the back of your knee and the seat cushion. This helps maximize blood flow throughout the day while enabling the seat and lumbar support's functionality.

Tilt Tension:

Twist the knob centered beneath the seat to adjust tilt tension. Increasing tension will provide more resistance to your tilt, while decreasing tension will make tilting easier.

Armrest Height:

Use the tab on the outside of each armrest to adjust height.

Armrest Pivot:

Twist armrest inward to provide support for your forearms while typing.

Armrest Position:

Slide armrests forward or backward to maximize comfort.

Lumbar Support:

Slide the butterfly lumbar support on the backside of the chair (not shown above) up or down to fit your posture.


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