Modern Office Desk with Modesty Panel Assembly

Step 1: Place Desk Carefully on Floor

We recommend completing all initial steps on top of the cardboard box as opposed to the ground.

Place desk carefully on floor so that the underside of the desk is facing you. Place legs as shown in the photo above so that the legs point outward and away from each other.


Step 2: Screw Legs (B) into Desk (A)


Using Machine Screws (C) and a screwdriver, screw all 12 screws into holes.


Step 3: Attach Modesty Panel to Desk

Screw Assembly Pins (E) into desktop inserts. Once 4 assembly pins have been inserted, slide modesty panel into place.

Turn Assembly Cams (D) 90 degrees so that the arrow points to the right or left. This will lock your modesty into place.

Once locked, carefully flip your desk upright and begin working on your new Porvata Modern Office Desk!

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