See below for the Step-by-Step Guide to building your Atlas Height Adjustable Desk!

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Step 1: Attach Power Box to Frame

Using the two small machine screws provided, attach the power box to the frame of the desk. You will see that one side of the desk has a small plastic clip for wire management while the other does not. You will want to attach your power box to the side of the frame that DOES NOT have a plastic clip for wire management.

Step 2: Attach the Cantilevers to the Column

Slide the two columns (1) into place on either side of the frame. NOTE: One column has a cord that is shorter than the other. Make sure to place this column closer to the power box.

Once in place, slide the cantilevers (2) into place.

Step 3: Fasten Columns and Cantilevers to Frame

Using the allen key provided in your hardware box, screw in the 8 M6 x 16 screws into place. We recommend attaching all of them with light pressure before going back and screwing them in completely.

Step 4: Attach Feet to Columns

Using the 8 M10x16mm black screws for feet provided, attach feet to the columns. While you can start this with your hand, we recommend fastening tightly with your allen key to prevent any wobble in the feet.

Step 5: Loosen Machine Screws

Using your allen key, loosen the machine screws pre-attached to your frame. For best results, completely remove the machine screws but keep close for Step 9.

Step 6: Adjust Frame Length

Using the pre-drilled holes on your desk top as reference, extend the frame to align with the pre-drilled holes. You may need to manually adjust each beam of the frame to re-center it on the desk.

Step 7: Properly Wire your Handset

Before drilling anything down, make sure that no wires are running between your desk frame and desk top. If you try to squeeze wires between your desk top and desk frame, you could damage your wiring.

Step 8: Attach your Frame and Handset

Using a screw driver or drill (we recommend a drill) attach your desk frame to your desk top. If possible, make sure to align with the pre-drilled holes. Once complete, drill your handset to either the right or left side of your desk.

Step 9: Reattach Machine Screws

With your desk now constructed, reattach the machine screws to the desk frame. These screws are key to providing additional stability to your desk.

Step 10: Full Reset

In order for your desk to function properly, you must complete a reset of your desk using your keypad. To do this, press the up and down buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds. Release, and then continue to press both buttons until the columns are in the lowest position. You will hear a "beep" when the reset is complete. You may now enjoy your Atlas Height Adjustable Desk.

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