U-Shaped Desk Assembly Instructions

Step 1: Build Each Cardinal Series Desk (B & C)

We recommend completing all initial steps on top of the cardboard box as opposed to the ground.

Construct each Cardinal Series Desk and flip upright. To complete each desk, screw in the modesty panel and legs in alignment with the pre-drilled holes. You can see a detailed manual on how to construct your cardinal desks here.

Step 2: Attach Mending Plates (D) to Desks

Using Machine Screws (E) and a screwdriver, attach mending plates (D) to the front and back desks of your U-Shaped Desk. Do NOT attach the bridge to the front or back desks yet as this will make it very challenging to upright. This should take 8 screws.

Step 3: Turn the Desks Upright

Carefully, and with a helping hand (if possible), flip your front and back desks upright. Line the desks up so that you can place the bridge (A) onto the mending plates that you screwed to the front and back desks in Step 2.

Step 4: Attach the Bridge (A)

With the remaining Machine Screws (E), carefully screw in the Bridge (A) to the Mending Plates (D) and complete the attachment of your U-Shaped Desk.

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