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Premium Leather Desk Mat

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At Porvata, we believe in providing an essence of sophistication to even the humblest of office accessories. The Porvata Leather Desk Mat adds comfort and enhances your workspace to leave a lasting impression on all who see it. Made from premium high-grade leather, our coffee and black leather desk pad fits perfectly underneath your keyboard and mouse to create a simple, beautiful finish for your office. But the Leather Desk Mat isn't just for style; you can protect your desk against scratch marks and coffee spills to ensure your work surface stays in top condition and looks great. The luxurious, plush feel of a leather desk mat will ensure your wrists and arms remain comfortable throughout the day and gives you smooth movement for your mouse without the use of a mousepad. At the same time, it ensures your laptop or keyboard remains fixed in place for the ultimate optimized workspace. Stop working on the bare surface of your desk. Purchase the Porvata Leather Desk Mat today.

Available in coffee and black.

Dimensions: 36" by 17"

A Leather Desk Pad is the Perfect Writing Surface

In addition to the elegance and style a leather desk pad can bring to your office, it can also provide you with the functionality you need to get your work done more efficiently. A leather pad provides a perfectly flat padded surface to your desk to ensure you always have the best space to write on. When you write on the leather desk mat, the padded surface allows your pen to always work correctly, it blocks your pen from leaving an imprint of words on the desk's surface and prevents the shifting and movement of important documents that cause them to tear. Most importantly, a genuine leather desk pad helps lessen the stress and fatigue that can come from hours of writing. When you have a leather desk mat, you can increase your productivity and creativity through smoother, easier writing.

Reduce Your Clutter with a Leather Desk Pad

The coffee or black leather desk mat enhances the look of your office through more than just its stylish design; it can help you reduce the clutter that piles up on your desk and keep a more organized workspace. Having full, open space on the surface of your desk is an open invitation to throw things wherever you may please. By integrating a leather pad desk mat onto your workspace, you can keep a more organized space for your computer, keyboard and mouse while carefully cultivating the outside area for your other office necessities. Having a clutter-free workspace not only helps the brain focus on your work rather than the distractions of your other office items, but it can also make a lasting impression on your boss, clients and coworkers. Motivation through a positive working environment makes for a more efficient, productive workday. The Porvata leather desk mat in black or coffee color is an elegant, sophisticated and stylish addition to make any workspace feel organized and uplifting.