Are you looking for ways to spruce up your office space to make it a more enjoyable place to work? Creating a healthy office area helps produce positive energy that ripples into your work ethic and results. Read our ten strategies for setting up a work environment that is healthy and comfortable.

Don’t Be Afraid to Declutter

Offices can get cluttered very quickly. Your desk can go from clean to messy in no time because of paperwork, books, and technological devices. An easy way to create a healthy work environment is to declutter your office area and make sure everything stays in its place. In addition to having a place for everything, commit to getting rid of unneeded papers quickly by scanning or recycling them.

Keep Those Wires Organized

With all of the electronics we use in the office, there is always the potential for a disaster of wires. Using cable management devices can help keep the cables in their place, tangle-free, and out of your way. 

Many desk tops come with holes that allow wires to flow directly from your desk to the outlets below. These are very useful in creating a healthy work environment when computers and monitors need wire management. Hidden and managed wires help you focus on more important tasks without debris in your space.

Office space in a bedroom

Zone Your Space

A healthy office space needs some separation from other areas. This can be difficult if you are working from home with limited choices. However, there are ways to create a healthy, separate area that keeps your workspace off-limits during work hours. For example, you could put a bookshelf in front of your desk to create a barrier. You could also install simple accordion doors to separate your office from other areas of the home.

Separate Work from Home

In addition to zoning your space for work, create a healthy work environment by setting parameters for when you work and when you are “home.” Commit to set time limits, and turn off your work when the time is up. Turn on your home life at that point, so you can rest, relax, and go back the next day with a refreshed mind.

If you work from home, set boundaries with family members regarding quiet time when you are working. When you finish working, it is family time. Setting these boundaries will allow you to have a healthy office environment without the interruptions of outside distractions. 

Remember, the most important part of separating work from home is to honor the commitments and boundaries you put into place. Both aspects of life are crucial.

Invest in Ergonomic Furniture

When choosing furniture for your office space, ergonomic products are an excellent option for helping to support your body throughout the workday. Ergonomic furniture can include desks, chairs, cable management devices, computer monitor arms, and more. 

Desks with height-adjustable options and chairs with lumbar support are great additions to a healthy work environment. You will feel comfortable in your body, and your mind will be more at ease with good posture and physical support.

Make it Your Oasis

Your home office should be an oasis for your mind and body. Creating this type of environment starts with decorating in a way that will stimulate the senses. To help promote a healthy work environment, consider painting your walls green or adding a beautiful green painting to the main wall that you look at during your day. Green is a color that improves visibility and lessens stress at work.

As your eyes begin to work less, your vision may improve, and your productivity should increase. You will enjoy the effects of the comfort of your healthy office space.
Home office with plants

Bring in the Greenery

Plants are an ideal way to keep your work environment healthy, clean, and enjoyable. They help promote cleaner air for your office space, and their vibrant colors will add a little green to your office, too!

Peace Lilies and succulents are great starter plants for your office. If you don't have a green thumb, try the low-maintenance Corn plant, and if you enjoy working in low-light, try the Chinese Evergreen plant. 

Get Some Exercise

Take time during your workday to do a little exercise. Standing desks keep your body energized by changing your posture throughout the day. Take a walk around the house during your lunch break, or use an under-desk elliptical to keep your feet working and busy during the day. The more you can keep your blood flowing, the more you will enjoy your days at work.  

Take a Mental Health Check

When working from home, it is crucial to have mental health check-ins. You can easily get caught in the drone of work and forget to enjoy the other aspects of life. To keep a mentally healthy work environment, try these things:

  • Set times for work and stick to them 
  • Get dressed for work every day 
  • During breaks, walk entirely away from the office and drink a cup of water or do some sit-ups 
  • Set work-to-break ratio limits throughout the day, like fifty minutes of work to five minutes of break time

Stay Connected to Co-Workers

All healthy offices need to foster connections between co-workers, as this is the easiest way to stay productive and results-focused. If possible, stay in touch with your co-workers through video calls, conference calls, or even coffee meet-ups. It is vital to keep in touch with one another regardless of your office situation. 

Create Your Healthy Office Space

Whether you work from home full-time or split your time between home and the office, you deserve a healthy work environment. The tips above are a great starting point, but if you want to take things one step further, Porvata’s ergonomic designs allow you to create the office space of your dreams. Shop our selection today to create your dream home office.

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March 09, 2022