Inspiring and organized small business office designs can spark creative energy to keep employees happy, comfortable, and productive. Many people have had the opportunity to work from home in recent years, and the homey feel is something they would like to keep as they venture back into a more professional environment. Check out these five office space ideas to see how you can make an office space that your employees look forward to coming to every day.

5 Office Design Trends

1. Eco-Friendly 

Many offices are focusing on creating a sustainable workspace that goes beyond just recycling. Office designers are looking into creative ways to be more sustainable through the lighting, furniture, and work supplies. As you select your new furniture, invest some time and research into how the manufacturers get the raw materials they use to create their pieces. 

For example, Porvata offers desks that are made from 93% recycled materials to establish an eco-style office area. We also manufacture our designs locally in the U.S. Our eco-style desks and chairs bring a natural element to the office while adding modern features.

Lighting is another office design trend that has a lot of talk around it. LED lights are popular, as they save on electricity and last longer than traditional bulbs. However, natural light from windows is always an easy plus for the office. Not only does it brighten up the space, but it’s also a good source of vitamin D for employees.

Office space with desks, chairs, simple wall art, and a city view

2. Simplicity

Small business office designs are all about minimalism. Decorating with simple elements and decluttering the area creates space for thinking and keeps everyone focused. 

In busy cities, this office space idea is taking extra hold. Looking out your office window at the traffic and busy people can already be overwhelming. Therefore, business owners are attempting to keep the interior space clean and fresh. 

Porvata supports this office design trend with our simple desks, chairs, and storage cabinets that can bring the focus of simplicity to the workspace. 

3. The Comfort of Home

Since many companies are moving to hybrid work schedules, creating an office environment that also features the creature comforts of home is crucial.

Large L-shaped desks are excellent for giving employees the benefit of a spread-out surface for their work. Our ergonomic chairs and stools are the perfect match for these desks and go a long way towards creating a homey workspace.

Comfortable office design trends also include couches or recliners that people can relax in during breaks. Aromatherapy products, plants, simple exercise equipment, and even coffee makers increase the feel of home in the work environment and inspire creativity and production.

Office space with windows, comfortable chairs, floor lamps, and couch

4. Colors

Colors can influence the overall mood of your small business office design. To make the workplace feel more like home, office designs are leaning more towards bright colors. Shades like green or blue spark energy, joy, and greater productivity.

As a team, decide on wall colors that create a fun environment. Allow employees to choose their desk and chair colors to personalize individual spaces. At Porvata, you can capitalize on this office design trend by choosing custom desk colors.

If you want something simple but striking, two contrasting colors tend to be popular. You can't go wrong with the traditional black and white. Alternatively, select a couple of shades that suit your branding. 

5. Gadget Friendly

Computers, monitors, phones, earbuds, and so much more help create a productive work environment. There are so many gadgets that it can become overwhelming to keep the cords and charging areas available to every employee.

A newer office design trend is creating specific areas for charging devices. You can either add electricity for charging ports at workstations or have a particular area designated for charging. 

A new design that employees desire is a cord-free workspace. Porvata offers different cable management products that help hide and control the mess of wires. We have above and under desk wire management solutions. We even make our desktops with cable holes to manage the increase in gadgets and technology.

How Porvata Can Help with Your Small Office Ideas

Porvata is a company that provides home and small business offices with desks, chairs, and other accessories. We make our products with top-quality materials and manufacture and ship them directly from U.S.-based warehouse facilities. We provide the ability for you to customize your desk and chair size, color, and style. Our many desk options allow you to fit a desk into any workspace size

With so many office design trends sparking interest, you have many choices in furniture, accessories, and colors. Let Porvata help create your small business office design with our sustainable custom desks and chairs. Shop online today to start building your new home away from your home office.

March 31, 2022