Working from home is more popular than ever among Americans. If you've spent any amount of time working from home, you already know how important it is to have a comfortable and functional workspace. However, this is made difficult when you have a limited amount of space to work with.

If you have a small desk, it may feel impossible to create a space that meets all your needs while still feeling inviting, inspiring, and uniquely yours. But with a little creativity and some practical tips, you can turn even the tiniest workspace into a comfortable and productive oasis.

In general, anything smaller than a 48-inch desk is considered to be a small desk. But whether you have a 42-inch desk or a 36-inch desk, these simple tips will help you make the most of your space while decorating.

Start with the Essentials

Before you can decorate your desk, you need to make sure you have room for all the essentials. Start by removing everything from your desk. Then, place all of your essential items, including your monitor or laptop, phone, paper and pens, sticky notes, and any other items you use daily.

Play around with the layout of your essential items to find the best flow for your workday. For example, does it make more sense to keep your sticky notes beside your monitor or your phone?

Use Empty Vertical Space

Just because your desk space is limited doesn't mean your vertical space is. Many people overlook their vertical and wall space, but these areas are ripe for decorative and functional customizations.

Consider floating shelves to add more storage room for books, files, and small decorative items. Alternatively, you might hang a bulletin board to help keep your workspace organized and display important notes or reminders. These tactics allow you to keep important information within reach without taking up valuable desk space.

Keep It Simple

When it comes to decorating a small desk, it's easy to go overboard with bright colors and decorations. Too many decorative items or clashing colors can make your space feel too busy or cluttered. Try to stick to a simple color scheme or theme to avoid cluttering your desk. Remember, less is often more.

Incorporate Some Low-Maintenance Plants

Bringing elements from nature into your office can give your desk a bright, fresh, and more spacious feel. Keeping a plant on your desk not only adds a decorative touch but also promotes a positive mood and increases productivity. Choose a small plant that doesn't take up too much space or require too much attention, like a succulent or a small fern.

Choose Light Colors

Dark colors can make your space feel smaller than it really is. Conversely, lighter hues can add the illusion of space. That's why it's a good idea to stick to light or neutral colors when you have a small desk.

Choosing light or neutral colors for a small desk can be a great way to make the space feel more open and less cramped. Lighter colors reflect more light, making the room feel bright and airy.

Another advantage of using light or neutral colors is that they can easily be paired with other colors and patterns. For example, if you want to add a pop of color to your small desk area, you can easily do so with a brightly colored chair or a patterned rug without overwhelming the space.

Add a Desk Mat

Small desks can greatly benefit from the addition of a desk mat. A desk mat not only protects your desk surface but also brings some of your personality to your workspace.

This simple idea is an easy way to add a pop of color to your desk without introducing clutter or distractions. When choosing a desk mat, look for a color or pattern that complements the rest of the décor in your office.

Opt for Minimalistic Storage Solutions

When it comes to decorating a small desk, having appropriate storage solutions is crucial to keeping the area organized and functional. However, it's important not to go overboard with bulky organizers that can take up too much desk space and create clutter.

One great option for small desk storage is simple, compartmentalized desk organizers. These organizers come in various sizes and can be used to store a range of items, from pens and paper clips to larger items like notepads or notebooks. They often feature divided compartments or drawers to keep items separate and easy to find.

Strategically Use Lighting to Your Advantage

It's easy to overlook the lighting in your office when you're considering how to decorate, but lighting is an important aspect. A poorly lit desk makes it hard to focus enough to do even simple tasks, let alone major projects.

If your home office has a window, consider placing your desk near it to maximize the amount of natural light in the space. Otherwise, you might buy a desk lamp or pendant light that doesn't take up too much space and ensures your desk is adequately lit.

Choose the Right Desk Chair

Your desk chair is both functional and decorative. Choosing the right size chair for your desk helps ensure your office has a seamless, cohesive, and intentional design.

A chair that is too big creates a disjointed appearance when placed beside a small desk. Additionally, it will restrict your access to your desk and negatively impact your productivity. If you have a small desk, consider choosing a chair with a small footprint that won't take up too much space.

High-Quality Desks and Furniture for Your Office

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April 10, 2023