L-shaped workstations are the latest trend, showing up in both home offices and corporate areas. This is because they have a bunch of advantages that surpass those of the old-fashioned rectangular desks. 

Even the National Institute of Standardization and Technology (NIST) research concluded that L-Shaped Desks can boost productivity by 20%. In addition, you will get more surface area when you use them for office purposes. When your bags are full with other people’s work, when you have several computers to install or even when collaborating with others, this can be revolutionary.

As regards collaboration, A recent survey by American Society of Interior Designers showed that a huge 68% of people found themselves more productive at an L-shaped desk than they would at a traditional one. This means that if you want to increase your productivity as well as comfort level while working then an L-shape desk could be your new best friend.

Looking to take it up a notch? Try out Porvata’s executive’s L-shaped desk. It will optimize your work area and really help drive up productivity levels. Remember, customization is always possible! A custom-made table will go even further in enhancing its usefulness to you.

The Benefits of Custom Desks

The Benefits of Custom Desks

When it comes to maximizing workspace and improving efficiency, a custom L-shaped desk offers ample surface area and seamless corner integration. Here are a few reasons why a custom L-shaped desk may be what you need for your home or business:


As diversified as a Swiss Army knife, L-shaped desks can change according to your preferences. One side could be for computer usage whereas the other might transform into a writing place or even better, an art room where you can do sketches or design things. In fact, architects use it too when they want to draft large blueprints. 

Imagine yourself as Leonardo da Vinci using one half of his desk to jot down ideas and then turning to the other side with some paints, in order to draw them. L-shaped desks are also often used as centers of communication. For instance, if parts of your day are devoted for client meetings, one side of the desk might provide area conducive for brainstorming sessions.

Space-Saving Design 

An example of this kind is the L-shaped working tables that fit nicely into corners without taking up much area but yet would still allow you ample areas for workstations in small places; thus saving precious floor area.

Consider it as a magic carpet bag of Mary Poppins in terms of holding a surprisingly huge amount stuffs in a limited area! This is beneficial to both home offices and open-floor-plan businesses. Your workspace can be subtly defined by L-shaped desk in an open office.

Ample Workspace

The L-shaped desk, unlike its rectangular cousin, features extensive work space. This is useful for professionals that require ample spaces like graphic designers, architects and crafters.

Therefore, envision the possibility of having adequate room to lay out your most recent project on designing together with some materials necessary for reference (like books) and tools; thus being able to work like an artist at his miniature studio, all within the precincts of his own table!

The additional space also permits amazing multi-tasking abilities while you focus on separate assignments or have top priority files and supplies near you.


custom desk serve as built-in organizers which provide enough storage space for everything one may need within arm’s length.  This improves productivity immensely. Think built-in cabinets, shelves, and drawers – there won’t be any more searching frantically for that stapler or important document!

So if your workplace is clean from clutter you will experience peaceful mind enabling you concentrate on what you are suppose to be doing instead of spending unnecessary time looking for misplaced office supplies.


Ergonomically designed, many custom desks are meant to impact good posture and avert body pains. The L-shape of the desk allows for the most optimal positioning of a chair in order to stay comfortable throughout extended work periods.

It can be considered as an ergonomic throne suitable for productivity royalties because of its adjustable table height. You do not have to reach out awkwardly or maintain strange postures that lead to pain and fatigue since everything is within your reach.

Custom desks also allow you to tailor them specifically to your needs, enabling you to adjust the desk height of your monitor and keyboard tray for comfort and preventing strains on your neck and shoulders.


Custom desks can bring an air of sophisticated elegance into home office furniture or even small businesses. They are frequently made from fine materials, and they come in various finishes and colours.

Regardless of whether you want a sleek modern style or something more traditional, there is an l shaped desk out there that will fit perfectly with your unique taste or already existing décor.


Instead of barricades created by straight desks, L-shaped ones promote teamwork. As such, if you are situated on one side, one of your colleagues can easily sit next to you on the other side for fast conversations, brainstorming sessions or document reviews.

Picture two detectives working on a case together at an L-shaped desk, exchanging thoughts and joining the puzzle.

This is particularly useful in confined spaces where there may not be rooms for separate meeting areas. L-shaped desks promote camaraderie and help colleagues to brainstorm together easily. It enables improved communication and teamwork in general.

Tips for Choosing the Right L-Shaped Executive Desk for You

If you’ve decided that an L-shaped desk is right for you or your business, the next step is choosing the best one for your needs. Keep the following tips in mind to help you make the right decision:

Choose a Style You Like

To create an inspiring working environment, a desk has to be both functional and visually pleasing. This is where Porvata's L Shaped Desk with Storage comes in handy; it combines fashion and practicality to increase your productivity.

L Shaped Desk with Storage 72" x 72" | Reversible Return

L Shaped Desk with Storage 72" x 72" | Reversible Return

This one of a kind spacious desk embraces modernism that goes hand in hand with other furnishings. The l shape offers ample room for working while the reversible return can be adjusted to fit the available space perfectly. On this desk, there is a beautifully finished pedestal that contains drawers where you can store your office essentials which are readily available.

  • Reversible Return: Arrange the desk to suit your needs.

  • Ample Storage: Keep your workspace organized with the drawers.

  • Cable Management: Hidden grommets keep wires out of sight.

  • Size Options: Select the perfect size for your space.

  • 10-Year Warranty: Porvata guarantees the quality and materials of their craftsmanship.

Be Careful About Budgeting

Any business that is smart about budgeting should be able to afford acquiring the necessary tools for success. This L-Shaped Executive Desk by Porvata, most cases, offers a perfect solution – it’s a stylish and spacious work space that can be tailored to meet your price expectations of the person or customers without compromising on quality of materials.

Custom L-Shaped Executive Desk 60” x 60” | Reversible Return

Custom L-Shaped Executive Desk 60” x 60” | Reversible Return

This Custom L- Shaped Desk has enough surface area to accommodate double monitors, laptops, printers and other office essentials you may need. The most interesting thing about this desk is that its return can be installed in any of the sides hence you can set it up in any style desired.

  • Reversible Return: Adapt the configuration of your work station according to available space.

  • Hidden Cable Management: There are built-in grommets for keeping your workspace free from messy cables.

  • Ample Storage (Optional): If you need more organization, ask us about adding drawers to the pedestal.

  • 10-Year Warranty: Porvata guarantees the materials and quality of their craftsmanship.

Maximize Your Space and Productivity

Before selecting te customers dream desk, consider your workspace and how you'll use it. Do you need a desk which has enough space for paperwork? Alternatively, will you perform better if the items were incorporated in the furniture? It is important to get a desk that suits your needs as well as the available space. A too large desk can make one feel congested and an undersized one will leave you with inadequate working surface.

L-Shaped Desk Bundle 72 x 72 | Office Desk | Standing Desk Return

L-Shaped Desk Bundle 72 x 72 | Office Desk | Standing Desk Return

The custom l shaped desks by Porvata combines a wide L-shaped desk with a standing height-adjustable return which gives ergonomic benefits. This new design creates an area big enough for two screens, laptops, printers and other office essentials so that your productivity and comfort are at the maximum level during your day.

  • Spacious L-Shaped Design: Offers ample surface area for all your office essentials.

  • Desired Height-Adjustable: Encourage healthier posture and well-being through electric standing desks that are simple to use.

  • Premium Construction: Others may use white oak or real wood but the construction reate high-density particleboard with recycled wood fibers ensures lasting quality.

  • Multiple Size Options: Choose the ideal dimensions to perfectly fit your work.

Order Your Custom L-Shaped Desk from Porvata

Whether you’re a CEO, an office manager, a sole proprietor working from home, or a gamer, if you need the area and surface of a custom corner L-shaped desk, shop with Porvata.

Our made-to-order desk options are available in customizable finishes, sizes, and designs. Browse our collection of L-shaped desks to create the office setup you’ve been dreaming about!

Final Thoughts 

L-shaped desks reign supreme for productivity and comfort. They offer a clear advantage over traditional desks with their expansive work area, ergonomic design, and ability to boost collaboration. Considering customization? Perfect! A custom L-shaped desk maximizes your workspace and creates a dream work environment.

Companies specializing in custom desks can craft functional, long-lasting pieces that enhance your work organization and productivity. L-shaped desks are popular for a reason: they're versatile, space-saving, and offer ample work area.

Additionally, they can incorporate built-in storage and ergonomic features for improved posture and comfort. Beyond functionality, custom desks can be aesthetically pleasing and encourage collaboration.

L-shaped desks are a great choice for home offices or businesses. Their versatility, space-saving design, ample storage, and improved aesthetics make them a clear upgrade. Ditch the rectangle and experience the simple joy of a transformed workspace.

Key Takeaways 

  • More productivity and collaboration:  L-shaped desks provide larger working areas compared to the traditional rectangular ones, thus enhancing productivity. Furthermore, colleagues can easily sit next to each other or turn it into standing desk for discussions due to the design of L-shapes.

  • Space-saving Design and Sufficient Storage:  A corner is the best place where you can fit your L-shaped desk, especially if you have a small office. Mostly they come with fixed cabinets, shelves or drawers which are used as storage spaces for office items and keep your working area neat.

  • Customization Options and Better Aesthetics: Sometimes you may decide to make a personal desk that will fit all your needs including size, style and features. They are normally manufactured from high-quality materials and come in different finishes as well as colors which will enhance how beautiful your home or office look.


April 19, 2023