You put your body through a lot every day. Other than sleeping, most people spend the majority of the day working. And if your work requires you to be at a desk, you need to have the right setup for your long-term health. Which is why Porvata chairs are designed for consistent ergonomics while you work.

There are a lot of basic chairs available for you on the market. All chairs have certain features, but here is our overview of what you need to consider before buying a chair. In two words: angles and adjustability.  



Chair Ergonomics And Porvata's Keys to Success

Adjustable height for both the seat and the arms:

If you’re going to be working at a chair the whole day, it needs to fit your body. The first thing to check is that it has adjustable height so that your legs can be at a 90 degree angle while your feet are on the ground. Same goes for the arm rests - you need to be able to adjust the armrests up or down so that your hands can be in the proper 90 degree position to use your keyboard. Porvata has 6 different stop points so even if more than one person is using the chair, they can adjust to the same stop point every time that person sits down. 

  • Where Porvata Chairs goes above and beyond: adjustable armrest angle. While typing on a keyboard, your arms are likely pointed inward, not simply straight ahead. A normal chair armrest doesn’t cushion and adapt to that movement. At Porvata, we ensure your Ergonomic chair armrests are flexible to meet your needs.

  • Where Porvata Chairs go above and beyond: seat slider. Not everyone has the same distance from their lower back to knee. Our chairs use a seat slider to perfectly meet the bend in your knee, so you have proper support and blood flow no matter your height. This is one of the key features that prevents back issues and muscle strains, and should be a must have for anyone spending the majority of their day working at an office chair

Adjustable Chairbacks

We don’t all work at the same desk. Some people have monitors to look at, while others have laptop screens and notepads. Your neck should not be strained while you work, or else cramps and strains quickly follow. If a chair won't recline to match your viewing angles, do not buy the chair! 
    • Where Porvata Chairs goes above and beyond: seat tilt + locking. Porvata's Ergonomic chairs have full tilt capabilities, and 4-5 locking positions to properly match the angle you need to keep your neck angle steady without strain. 
    • Where Porvata Chairs goes above and beyond: adjustable lumbar support. Our Ergonomic chairs offer adjustable lumbar support, so no matter where your lower back falls on our chairs, you can adjust to support where the chair hits your back. If you don’t get a chair with adjustable support, you could be dealing with long term back issues, which hamper your life in and out of work! 

    Seat Support:

    When you are sitting all day, you want a seat that provides you constant support. If you look into reviews for basic chairs, you’ll see that some seats never return to their normal shape after you sit in them, denying you needed support.

      • Where Porvata Chairs goes above and beyond: commercial grade, molded seat foam. No matter how many times you switch positions on your chair, a Porvata chair always bounces back and gives you proper cushion. As you adjust your angles on the chair every day, our seat fits to meet you, and when you get up the seat returns to its original shape. 

      While there are other preferences you may have - mesh vs. fabric seats, headrests, etc., we hope the above points have made you more informed about what you NEED in a chair to keep your body healthy. You only get 1 body - be sure to be good to it!

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      August 26, 2021