As more and more people work from their own homes, it is essential they find a comfortable office chair to sit in during the workday. Many of us are used to taking whatever our office provides (which is often high quality, “commercial grade” stuff!), but working from home provides a unique opportunity to find the office chair that works best for each of our bodies. Today, we'll go over our top picks for the most comfortable desk chairs of 2021. But first we have to answer: What goes into making a comfortable home office chair? Why is it so important?

Unlocking Your Creativity Through Comfort

Anyone who has ever dealt with chronic pain can tell you the benefits of having a comfortable desk chair. When you deal with discomfort, your mind is constantly fighting the distraction of pain signals sent to your brain. Losing focus, becoming distracted and finding it difficult to tap into your creativity are side effects of being uncomfortable. With a comfortable, ergonomic office chair, you leave your mind free to focus on your work. That's why Porvata designs all of our chairs with ergonomic comfort in mind.

What Makes A Comfortable Office Chair?

The most important elements of any office chair are how well it provides consistent support and eliminates distractions like back aches or neck pain. The most comfortable office chair for long hours shines in a few key areas: Posture, Padding and Personalization.


The essence of comfortable desk chair design focuses on how a chair supports your posture. Whether it's an office chair, couch or oversized cushion, the more furniture design encourages and supports correct posture, the better it will be for you. Poor posture from sitting on uncomfortable chairs is a leading cause of discomfort in the workplace and leads to negative long-term health effects. The most comfortable office chairs are the ones that provide great lower back support.


Even the most enthusiastic sports fan will get tired of sitting on metal bleachers after a few hours...and don’t even get us started on airplane seats! Comfortable desk chairs use high-density cushions to ease pressure on your spine and hips. This padding not only adds comfort, it can also promote better circulation to your legs and lessen the possibility of some negative health consequences. Instead of a chair that sinks the first time you sit on it and never rises again, make sure your chair is designed to bounce back to its original shape. When you're stuck in an office chair for eight hours a day, you should make it as comfortable as possible.


No two bodies are built exactly the same. For that reason, the best home office chairs are the ones that can adjust to your specific needs. Whether it is the seat height, angle of the backrest, amount of lumbar support or even the height of your armrests, the most comfortable desk chair is one that can be tailored to you.

Porvata’s Top 4 Most Comfortable Desk Chairs

With all of those things in mind, let's get to our list of the most comfortable computer chairs of 2021.

4. Ergonomic Rocker Office Stool

Some of you may cry foul about a stool ending up on a list of most comfortable office chairs, but to leave off this ergonomic office stool would be a disservice. With a 360-degree swivel, 10-degree tilt and adjustable height, this stool has everything you want in a comfortable office chair while taking up much less space. It encourages good posture, keeps your core and back engaged, and provides enough comfort to be used for hours. Combined with an adjustable height desk, or even as a second “perch” seat to mix it up throughout the day, it really shines.

3. Task Chair

The Task Chair comes with a breathable mesh back and lightweight construction, making it ideal for your home office. The optional headrest helps to reduce neck strain during long office hours. With high-density cushioning and a pneumatic adjustable seat height, the Task Chair is the perfect combination of comfort and affordability.

2. Ergonomic Plus Office Chair

If you're looking for a comfortable, ergonomic office chair, then look no further than the Ergonomic Plus. This upgraded version of the similarly great Ergonomic Chair comes with an aluminum base and white arms. Its eight points of adjustment, including lumbar support, seat tilt, adjustable armrests and pneumatic seat lift, make the Ergonomic Plus one of the most comfortable office chairs for long hours.

1. Executive Highback Chair

Our most comfortable office chair, the Executive Highback provides ergonomic comfort regardless of your job title. This chair has it all: seat tilt, lumbar support, armrest adjustments (including angle and height), seat slide, adjustable height and more — all situated on a sturdy aluminum base and multi-surface wheels. The Executive Highback is the absolute pinnacle of comfortable ergonomic office chair design and our pick for Most Comfortable Desk Chair of 2021.

Porvata Furniture For 2021 And Beyond

At Porvata, we believe that no matter how you work, you deserve an environment that helps you unlock your full potential. Comfortable office chairs are the first step toward transforming your office space. Our full line of ergonomic chairs, adjustable desks and accessories are all meticulously designed to promote comfort and health. Shop our full line of products to create a personalized environment that will help you become more balanced and productive today.

September 23, 2021