Pencil Drawer For Desk & Office Organization



Declutter your desktop and get the professional look you want with an under-desk pencil drawer from Porvata. Our slide-out desk tray keeps your pens, notepads and other office essentials out of sight yet still within reach. This desk pen tray also makes a great drawer for a standing desk. Offering five compartments, Porvata's pencil drawer provides enough space for the essentials you need to store. Ridges within the drawer help keep everything in place. The slide-out desk tray fits perfectly underneath your workspace, creating simple, clean lines. Stay organized with under-desk pencil drawers from Porvata.


  • Ball bearing sides allow for slide functionality
  • 13 1/4"W x 8 1/2"D x 2"H

An Under-Desk Pencil Drawer That Offers Ease of Use

High-quality ball-bearing sides ensure our pencil drawer slides out smoothly every time. The trim 2-inch depth provides plenty of storage room while remaining tucked nicely out of view when closed. At a spacious 13-¼ inches by 8-½" inches, our desk pen tray has space for all the essentials you use during your busy workday. Pens, notepads, highlighters, paperclips and more can all find a place in our under-desk pencil drawer. When you're searching for a pencil drawer for your desk, you want a solution that will blend in with your overall workspace aesthetic. Our slide-out desk tray delivers the functionality and look that match your workspace's professional appearance.

Find a Pencil Drawer for Your Standing Desk & More at Porvata

Porvata's desk pen tray is an elegant yet no-nonsense approach to desk organization. These sleek under-desk pencil drawers provide everything you need to keep your desktop neat and clean, allowing you to concentrate on the important matters at hand without distractions. A slide-out desk tray from Porvata is the answer to your organizational needs. The neatly separated compartments afford a space for every essential. Installation is also easy — simply screw the pencil drawer to the underside of your work surface and slide the drawer in or out when needed. Whether you're searching for a drawer for a standing desk or a traditional model, Porvata's desk pen tray provides the necessary storage to keep you organized. Purchase your under-desk pencil drawer today.

Pencil Drawer For Desk & Office Organization