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Ergonomic Chair | Office Chair for Long Hours

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Rolling Ergonomic Office Chair

This is a seriously ergonomic chair. Underneath the beautiful hour-glass frame sit all of the features and performance you would expect from a corner office chair... and then some. 

Commercial-grade chair at direct from the manufacturer pricing. It features eight points of adjustment and includes ultra-premium chair controls. Multi-surface wheels allow for effortless transition from wood to carpet.

Why buy our chair? Click the link for a more in depth look at our ergonomics.

Eight Points of Ergonomic Adjustment:

  • Seat height: Adjusts from 18" to 22.5" (pneumatic adjustable)
  • Seat tilt: 4 stopping point recline angles. Ergonomic tilt mechanism enables the seat cushion and back of chair to tilt at the same time (great for reclining)
  • Seat tilt tension: Encourage yourself to sit upright or relax and recline without resistance
  • Seat slide: Seat slides forward to meet the back of your legs, providing support and encouraging healthy blood flow
  • Lumbar support: Slide the lumbar support on the chair back to perfectly align your ideal posture
  • Arm rest height: 6 stop points. Designed to maximize your comfort while providing ample support for your posture and positioning throughout your workday
  • Arm rest angle: Twist the arm rests to match your arm angle for typing
  • Arm rest slide: Position the arm rests closer or farther to better support your arms while typing

Finding the Right Chair for You

Ergonomic Chair Comparison

 Dimensions and Materials:

  • Seat height: 18”-22.5” (pneumatic adjustable)
  • Back material: Breathable high-quality nylon mesh
  • Seat construction: Fully upholstered fabric over high-density 2.5” thick seat cushion, which evenly distributes and supports weight up to 300lbs
  • Base: Heavy-duty nylon base
  • Wheels (Casters): Nylon multi-surface (work great on wood, tile, and thin carpet)
  • Chair Dimensions: 26”W x 22D x 37.5-42”H
  • Weight: 44lb

Discover the Best Ergonomic Computer Chair

Total back support and promoting healthy posture is the ultimate benefit of this all-day lumbar support chair. Porvata’s line of all-day chairs offers maximum lumbar support for whatever the day demands. It’s the ideal seating system that provides the ultimate comfort for long days at the office. Find the best lumbar support office chair for your needs at Porvata.

Porvata’s all-day ergonomically correct chair focuses on the best possible back support. Our lumbar support offers premium treatment and back alignment for those long hours at the office. We specialize in multiple settings and controls to maximize your comfort and boost your posture and overall performance. Keep reading to learn more about the best ergonomic computer chair on the market.

Best Back Support for Office Chairs

Experience the best back support with our signature collection of Porvata chairs. From the cushioned comfort of the seat to the durable, high-quality materials, we engineer our products to provide the most secure and relaxing experience so that you can work longer hours without discomfort. We understand the challenges of long hours of desk work. For this reason, we provide the best desk chair back support to keep your posture in top form throughout the working day.

Experience the Difference of Porvata Desk Chair Lumbar Support

Our long-sitting chair features lumbar support for back alignment correction and posture improvement. Enjoy the advantage of maintaining a healthy posture without ever feeling strained. The firm cushion seat can easily slide to adjust to your unique needs. The combination of sturdy back support and soft cushion seating creates the ideal comfort for work and leisure. Whether you recline to enjoy a film screening in your den or work through the day at your desk, the lumbar support keeps your posture in check.

When you're looking for the best work-from-home chair, you’ll love the variety available from Porvata. Our home office chairs combine the best of a rugged, durable base and wheels with soft seating with a nylon mesh for the ultimate protection. The blend of soft, cozy seating and a durable chair frame is ideal for an ergonomic work environment.

8-Hour Office Chair and Beyond

The daily grind doesn’t have to be difficult when you settle into an adjustable, ergonomically correct office chair that supports you for extended workdays. You can settle into work on long projects and put in those overtime hours in luxurious comfort. The seating adjusts between 18” and 22.5” to give you a wide range of customization, along with armrests and seat tilts.