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Office space with desks, chairs, computers, and storage cabinets

Office Design Trends for 2022

Inspiring and organized small business office designs can spark creative energy to keep employees happy, comfortable, and productive. Check out these five office space ideas to see how you can make an office space that your employees look forward to coming to every day.
Woman working in a healthy office environment

10 Ways to Create a Healthy Work Environment

Are you looking for ways to spruce up your office space to make it a more enjoyable place to work? Creating a healthy office area helps produce positive energy that ripples into your work ethic and results. 
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10 Things to Consider When Buying a Desk

Looking to buy a desk in today's market can be very overwhelming. With so many styles and features available, it isn’t always easy to choose the right desk for your needs. Thankfully, Porvata is here to help with some ideas of things to look out for when purchasing your new desk.
Home Office Inspiration: 25 Ideas To Ignite Creativity & More

Home Office Inspiration: 25 Ideas To Ignite Creativity & More

With more people working from home than ever before, everyone is looking for excellent home office ideas to inspire creativity, maximize productivity and give themselves the workspace of their dreams. Creating a cozy yet modern home office seems to be at the forefront of everyone's mind.
The Best Office Furniture for Small Spaces

The Best Office Furniture for Small Spaces

Office desks and chairs for small spaces aren't always easy to come by, and even if you do find the right set, you may not know where to put it. We're here to offer some advice and show you our picks for the best chairs, storage, and desks for small office spaces, so you can create a cozy, stylish, and simple place to work.

What is an Ergonomic Chair?

What is an Ergonomic Chair?

In a personal sense, an ergonomic chair is one that has been designed just for you. Whatever provides you with the most comfort while providing good lower back support will assist you with completing your work efficiently (since you’ll spend less time finding that single comfortable position).
Most Comfortable Office Chair of 2021

Most Comfortable Office Chair of 2021

As more and more people work from their own homes, it is essential they find a comfortable office chair to sit in during the workday. Many of us are used to taking whatever our office provides (which is often high quality, “commercial grade” stuff!), but working from home provides a unique opportunity to find the office chair that works best for each of our bodies.
Best Office Chairs Porvata

Why buy a Porvata Chair versus one from the store?

You put your body through a lot every day. Other than sleeping, most people spend the majority of the day working. And if your work requires you to be at a desk, you need to have the right setup for your long-term health. Which is why Porvata chairs are designed for consistent ergonomics while you work.
How to Work From Home Effectively

How to Work From Home Effectively

What inspires you? What motivates you to keep going when you’re struggling? In what environments have you worked best in the past? To work from home effectively, it's important to put some real thought, care, and effort into picking a few items to personalize your workspace.
Take Advantage of Standing Desk Benefits and Revolutionize the Way You Work From Home

Take Advantage of Standing Desk Benefits and Revolutionize the Way You Work From Home

Tired of your back aching from sitting behind a desk all day long? Let's take a look at how using a standing desk benefits your physical and mental health during the work day.
10 Ways to Improve Your Home Office Ergonomics

10 Ways to Improve Your Home Office Ergonomics

Ergonomics is the study of peoples efficiency in their working environment. A negative ergonomic setting hurts us physically and psychologically, but here are 10 ways to improve your office ergonomics!
How Companies are Addressing the Future of Work

How Companies are Addressing the Future of Work

Prior to 2020, working from home was either seen as a privilege for high-flying executives or a measly excuse for a day off. Fast-forward 1 year and going into the office is reserved for…well…high-flying executives or out of absolute necessity. Oh how the times have changed!

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