Porvata knows that your time is precious, and creating a new workspace can seem daunting. Fear not! Our easy-to-assemble furniture comes with simple directions to quickly get you up and running. Our office assembly instructions are easy to follow and will give you a sense of accomplishment when you finish building your furniture. Check out our manuals below to see just how easy it is to make your new office desk.


We include instructions in each box to ensure that your office furniture assembly is straightforward. You can also watch our video to see how simple it will be to put your new work oasis together.

Atlas Desk Assembly Instructions

Essence Desk Assembly Instructions

Office Desk Assembly Instructions

Modern Office Desk Assembly Instructions

L-Shaped Desk Assembly Instructions

L-Desk Bundle Assembly Instructions

Controller Setup

Put It All Together

When you order your new pieces, you can be sure that they will arrive ready for you to put together quickly. Here are a few tips as you prepare:

  • Expect a thinner box for shipping, as we ship every desk flat for assembly in your home office.
  • A set of office assembly instructions will come with your product, so keep an eye out for the papers as you unbox your furniture.
  • Take the pieces out slowly, so as not to cause damage.
  • Our desks can be heavy. We recommend having two people put the desk together.
  • Once you finish assembling your new office desk, sit back and enjoy your new office look!

Once you’ve set up your desk, you’ll need chairs, rolling storage cabinets, monitor arms, and wire management products to complete the perfect workspace. Shop our collections for high-quality pieces you’ll enjoy using every day.

Quality Materials for Easy Office Furniture Assembly

Once you put your new furniture together, you will see the difference in our materials. We create our desks and desktops using high-quality materials so that they will last a lifetime. We also offer a variety of customization options, so things like the finish, the grommet holes, and the controller are exactly what you need straight out of the box.

Putting together your new office furniture is exciting! However, if you run into any issues while building your workspace, give us a call or text at (513) 866-2828, or email us at info@porvata.com! We'd be glad to help in any way we can with your new office furniture assembly.